Reasons to Install an Auto Interlock Even if You are Not a DUI Offender

An auto interlock is a device that prevents your car from starting if you are drunk. It is essentially a breathalyzer that analyzes your breath to detect traces of alcohol. If the alcohol content is found to be higher than the permitted limit, the car won’t start. An auto interlock is usually installed when the court orders a driver convicted of a DUI offense. However, there are several benefits of installing the device in your car even if you are not a DUI offender.

A caution

The presence of a breathalyzer in your vehicle serves as a caution when you have had a few drinks. The device forces you to take a taxi back home instead of driving over.

The decision making capabilities of a person reduce when under the influence of alcohol. He cannot concentrate on the road conditions and are likely to make errors while driving. Furthermore, the reflexes of the person also slow down. Research has shown that a person’s mental abilities are affected if the alcohol level in the blood is above 0.05, although the law allows alcohol level of up to 0.08.

Considering all these factors, it is very important to ensure that you don’t drive under influence. The most dangerous thing is that the drunken person does not realize that his mental abilities have been affected. Installing an auto interlock is a good way to keep you safe from potential hazards of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Clean record If you are caught driving under influence, you might have to face long term repercussions. For instance, prospective employers might turn down your application if they find a DUI case against you. Similarly, you might face challenges getting life insurance or health insurance policies if your record is not clean. Getting loans can become very tiresome for people with DUI cases. Simply install an auto interlock and ensure that your record is completely clean.

De-addiction aid For people undergoing alcohol de-addiction treatments, an auto interlock can be very useful. It supports them to give up the habit. It has been noticed that people trying to overcome the habit have recorded noticeable improvement after installing the device in their vehicles.

Underage drinking and driving As parents, you can keep your underage child safe by installing an auto interlock in his or her car. Teens often give in to the temptation of drinking in social gatherings and end up driving home. The number of cases of underage driving and driving under influence of alcohol has been on an increase in the recent times. Installing an auto interlock in their vehicles is a good way of keeping them safe and secure.

Auto interlockis an inexpensive device. Installing it can keep you safe in several ways. It is definitely worth it.