Can anyone else drive the vehicle ?

Yes anyone can drive your vehicle but all people using the car will have to give a breath sample .Any readings logged are considered by the court to be yours .

Can I use mouthwash ?

Most mouthwashes contain alcohol and should not be used prior to trying to start vehicle .

Can Perfume/After shave etc influence the interlock ?

Most perfumes and aftershaves contain alcohol and should be used sparingly .

Can the interlock cause the engine to stop while driving ?

No, the interlock will only stop the starting of the vehicle once a reading of .02 or above is detected .

Will fitting the interlock damage the vehicle ?

No ,the interlock is fitted by highly trained personell and we do not drill holes or damage your vehicle in any way .

Can food affect the interlock ?

Yes some foods contain additives that create an “alcohol effect”.We ask that you wait 15 mins after eating or drinking before attempting to start the vehicle .

How is servicing performed ?

Upon fitting of the interlock we make an appointment for the next month at a time to suit you .Should you not be able to make your appointment the interlock gives 7days “grace” to enable you to contact us and make another appointment .

What happens when I need to have my vehicle repaired ?

The participant need to contact us prior to leaving the car for service .We may need to answer any questions from your service provider about the interlock.

The participant must also obtain documented proof of when the car was in the mechanics .

Can I change the battery in my vehicle ?

Yes, but this must be done within 20 mins.The interlock has a backup battery to enable you to do this .

Will I lose the data if the battery is disconnected/flat ?

No the data can only be removed with specialised equipment .There can be no accidental data loss .