Various Auto interlock systems developed by Toyota

Toyota is one of the biggest companies in the world. It has factories and assembly plants in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, France, and recently Thailand, China, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Venezuela, and the Philippines.

Toyota is trying to develop auto interlock systems in which it detects drunk driver from the steering wheel sensors. In this auto interlock systems sensors detect the alcohol content through the sweat. Also this auto interlock systems can detect the unusual steering or it can also detect the pupils of the driver are not on the road through the camera installed and at the end vehicle will slowed to halt.

Vehicles with the auto interlock systems will not start unless detection of high alcohol in the blood system. Now the drivers of the Toyota will also protected through the auto interlock systems apart from the safety features included.

Nissan also was involved in the similar auto interlock systems called breathalyzer. Camera also can be installed with this auto interlock systems to detect if driver is sleeping or awake. In US this systems are mandatory because of the high rate of the drink and drive.

The reason to develop all these systems is to protect the people getting affected by the drunk driving and drunk driver in minor concept.