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Interlock Systems

In the past few years the drink driving offenses are increasing rapidly, state government and law implementing authorities are striving to enforce road safety acts to prevent serious calamities. They have turned out with different approaches to stop intoxicated driving, like constricted regulations and penalties. They have introduced a new method which includes installing device […]

Alcohol habits and Auto interlock system

Alcohol is considered as life of  party and many people become addicted to alcohol after few drinks . Some people enjoy drinking alcohol as it numbs all the senses and they feel stress free and relaxed. Alcohol leads to violence  in many cases. The biggest and scariest thing after drink is to drive and to […]

Various Auto interlock systems developed by Toyota

Toyota is one of the biggest companies in the world. It has factories and assembly plants in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, France, and recently Thailand, China, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Venezuela, and the Philippines. Toyota is trying to develop auto interlock systems […]