Alcohol habits and Auto interlock system

Alcohol is considered as life of  party and many people become addicted to alcohol after few drinks . Some people enjoy drinking alcohol as it numbs all the senses and they feel stress free and relaxed. Alcohol leads to violence  in many cases. The biggest and scariest thing after drink is to drive and to avoid this situation many people are installing the auto interlock system breath analyser. This auto interlock system breath analyser doesn’t allow the car to start until the alcohol  is below certain level.

In some of the countries government is funding many project related to the auto interlock system breath analyser to fight the drink and drive situation. Automobile companies are also inventing auto interlock system to void accidents after drinking. In this auto interlock system, sensors from the steering wheels can sense the excessive alcoholic sweat and would not start the car or stop until is below certain level.

All the technologies of auto interlock system are worth when they are combined with the common sense and firm decision not to drive after drinking. When people plan evening parties then  they shouldn’t drink above. If you have more alcohol then the limit if they do then take taxi or public transport. Auto interlock system is worth taking if you think you are one of the people who take risk of driving after drinking. This will avoid breaking the laws as well as some innocent people can be saved.