Interlock Systems are mainly the devices used to measure the level of alcohol in the driver’s body by means of breath testing. In the past few years the drink driving offenses are increasing rapidly, state government and law implementing authorities are striving to enforce road safety acts to prevent serious calamities. They have turned out with different approaches to stop intoxicated driving, like constricted regulations and penalties. They have introduced a new method which includes installing device into automobile of regular offenders.

It’s a security tool that prevents the engine ignition unless BAC (Blood Alcohol concentration) level of driver is below the limit. The breathalyser is attached to the dashboard of car and hooked up to the engine.

Before switching engine, the driver must inhale into the device with the intention that it can read a BAC. In case the driver is inside lawful limits, the device permits the engine to proceeds and start rolling. Despite the fact if driver does not blow into device the car will remain switched off and will not work. After a while once the vehicle is on the road driver needs to perform an alternate breath test. On the off chance that the BAC is over the limit, the headlights will start blinking and the horn will start beeping until the ignition is turned off. This will not only guarantee that the driver does not trick the device by asking sibling or friend to blow into the instrument before he/she heads out, but also keep the driver away from drinking while driving. As most work environments have a zero resilience of alcohol, the Interlock Systems unit the capacity to pre-set the adequate level of alcohol.

Observing employees on a norm, hour to hour premise is clearly a hard job, particularly when a few organizations work involves driving. An inexorably prevalent approach to get rid of this issue is through the usage of vehicle Interlock System.