Why more and more people are are turning to fitting alcohol interlock systems?

Despite being primarily aimed at those with past convictions for driving offenses, the Draeger interlock system can be used for both professional and private application benefits. To begin with, we can analyse the professional advantage in fitting alcohol interlock systems into your vehicle. A Draeger system can ensure that your employees are free of alcohol whilst working; equip your bus, truck, taxi or other vehicle with an interlock system to ensure the safety of your customers. With increasing pressure being piled on employees, the temptation of coming into work under the influence can often become unavoidable. Fitting alcohol interlock systems in your vehicle will protect your employees and customers as well as protecting any goods your employees may be transferring.

Another benefit is the installation of Draeger systems for private-life. There is a whole array of situations where fitting alcohol interlock systems into vehicles for private use can provide ease of mind. Relax knowing that if your child was to out at night with their or your car that they’ll be unable to operate it if any alcohol is consumed. You can also arrange for fitting alcohol interlock systems as a way to control a relative’s alcohol problem. Finally, there’s yourself to think of, a Draeger system will ensure that you’re never behind the wheel of your car whilst under the influence.

If you’re interested in fitting alcohol interlock systems, then contact BDA Interlock for a quote. It could save your life.