If you’re required to operate a vehicle with an alcohol interlock system then you need to contact BDA Interlock to have a draeger interlock fitting Melbourne carried out on your vehicle. What does the draeger interlock fitting Melbourne system involve? Well we attach one of Draeger’s highly regarded alcohol interlock systems to your car, ensuring it can’t be operated by anyone with alcohol in their system. How does it work? Simple. To start the car you’re required to blow into the attached device which will then check for any alcohol present in the person, if any is detected the car simply won’t start. Once the car is up and running the device may intermittently request an update from the driver, this is to ensure the draeger interlock fitting Melbourne system was not started by another person other than the one in control of the vehicle. The system comes with two main components, one of which is the breath-alcohol measuring instrument which checks for alcohol levels and the second is a measuring system usually installed inside the vehicle connected to the control unit – which either allows or prevents current being supplied to the vehicle’s starter system. BDA Interlock are specialists in draeger interlock fitting Melbourne and would be more than happy to get your system up and running in no time.

Contact us today if you’re keen to have BDA Interlock’s draeger interlock fitting Melbourne professionals assess your vehicle and install one of the world’s most reliable alcohol interlock systems.