Installing a draeger interlock fitting Bayswater have a number of benefits, in particular the increased sense of safety to both yourself and other drivers. But how much do you really know about the draeger interlock fitting Bororia? Well in this article we answer some FAQs:

Can anyone else drive the vehicle? – Yes. However a breathe sample will be required and any readings logged are considered by the court to be yours.

Can perfume/after shave influence the interlock? – Though they contain a minor amount of alcohol, you should use them sparingly as they may interfere.

Can the interlock stop the engine whilst the vehicle is in motion? – No. For safety reasons the interlock system will only prevent the start-up of the vehicle.

Can food affect the interlock? – Food can contain additives that produce an “alcohol effect”, therefore we advise waiting 15 minutes before starting the car up.

Will I lose the data if the battery is disconnected/flat? – No. The data stored in the draeger interlock fitting Ringwood can only be removed with specialised equipment.

How is servicing performed? – Upon fitting the interlock system a monthly appointment is required to perform essential checks.

If you’re required to have a draeger interlock fitting Lilydale then contact BDA and we’ll be happy to assist in the fitting and maintenance of the alcohol interlock system.