You might be considering installing a draeger interlock fitting Bayswater for personal use, if that’s the case then you might be wanting to know a bit more about the system that’ll protect the lives of you and others.

The Draeger Alcotest 3000 will easily, precisely and quickly inform you whether you are under the influence of alcohol and prevent you from using your driving licence. The draeger interlock fitting Boronia is proven to be as accurate as a police appliance. The sensitive electrochemical sensor present in the Alcotest 3000 determines precise alcohol levels present in the body.
As you’re going to be moving around a bit, the Alcotest 3000 draeger interlock fitting Ringwood is specifically designed to be travel-friendly. It’s handy, robust size is perfectly designed to fit in your pocket, jacket or car glove-box – so you never need to leave home without it!

If you’re interested in having a draeger interlock fitting Lilydale fitted then contact BDA Auto to find out how we can install the system that could make a life-saving difference!