So what is a Draeger Interlock Agent? Well we’re here to fill you in on the system that could save a life.

The Draeger Interlock Agent comprises of two main components; the measuring system which is generally installed inside the vehicle and the control unit that’s fitted under the dashboard which allows and prevents current being supplied to the vehicle’s starter system.

The operation of the system begins the moment the ignition is switched on. The device will request a breath sample and after processing the result to decipher if any alcohol is present in the system, the car will either start-up or not. The Draeger Interlock Agent actually uses the same electrochemical sensor system as found in the instruments used by police authorities!

Further to this, the Draeger system is so advanced that it can detect when an outside source is used to start the engine, for example an air pump. Upon detection the system will reject the drivers request to start the vehicle. What’s more, the Draeger Interlock Agent will randomly ask for checks throughout the drive to ensure no other person other than the driver started the vehicle.

Finally, the Draeger Interlock Agent uses a data storage system that records a number of details and relevant events which can later be downloaded and compiled in a data record. Such details include; date, time, submission of or refusal to provide a breath sample, measured alcohol concentration, engine starts and stops, electrical bypassing of the interlock and any other attempts to tamper with the device.