BDA Auto Interlock

The Auto Interlock System is a handheld breathalyser mounted to the dashboard of an auto and hooked up to the vehicles ignition. Previous to driving, the driver has to breathe into the device so that it can gauge a BAC (blood alcohol subject material) browsing. If the driver is within legal limits, the device permits the engine to turn around and start the car. Pretty advanced technology made for the safety and prevention of accidents on the roads.

If the driver does not pass the test through the auto interlock system, the vehicle will not start and the driver will not be able to drive the car.

Once the auto interlock commences and it is on the road, the driver should do a breath check periodically for longer drives. If the BAC is an illegal stage (ie over the legal limit), the headlights will begin flashing and the horn honking until the ignition is turned off. This assures that the driver does not fool the gadget by obtaining a sober friend blow into the machine just before he or she drives away, as very well as avoiding the driver from resuming to drive.

As you can see, there is an example of how people can fool the auto interlock system. The questions around the ability to invest in this the auto interlock technology to protect the safety of people where some may fool the system, are debatable. More often than not, it is a great device for protecting lives and the lives of other drivers on the road and in the bigger picture keeping the death toll on the roads down! The auto interlock system has proven time and time again to be successful in achieving such results.