Have you recently been convicted of a driving offense? If so, you’re probably looking for a reliable alcohol interlock programs Melbourne source, who can assist with the installation of such a system.

BDA Interlock is that source, our years of experience and expertise in the field have led us to becoming one of Victoria’s leading alcohol interlock programs Melbourne specialists, and we’d be happy to help you get back on the road again, safely.

Based in Croydon, BDA Automotive has been serving the local community for 35 years. We fit each alcohol interlock programs Melbourne with the upmost care, professionalism and high quality work that is expected of us.

As for the fitting itself, the process usually takes around an hour and a half, we don’t drill any holes or damage your vehicle in any way. Further to this, the alcohol interlock programs Melbourne does not interfere with the general running of your vehicle, it simply prevents the vehicle from being started depending on a predetermined alcohol level.

Finally, on the day of the alcohol interlock programs Melbourne installation you’ll be required to bring a few essentials along with you, including; your court order, drivers license (paper receipt is accepted), health care or pension concession cared (you must be the primary card holder as well as having the maximum card rate), payment for fitting plus a month’s rental and finally, the car must be brought in by another person, but be picked up by the person who require the interlock.